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This customer is putting their home on the market wanted it to be shown with clean windows.

This beautiful home in Corvallis has no shortage of windows and most of them have a stunning view of Marys Peak. It was a standard window cleaning project, however accessing some of the windows wasn't so standard. This home has a stunning spiral staircase that is directly in front of 12 windows. We were challenged, but not stumped. End result: Clean windows and a happy customer.

Sheila G. - Titleist Cir, Corvallis

Home Window Cleaning

Clean windows feel good whether in your home or at your business.

Beckon Call Window Cleaning

Screen cleaning. Clean windows need to have clean screens, Beckon Call washes screens every time we wash your windows. This video explains our process.

This home is getting ready to be rented and really needed to have some windows washed. The inside looks awesome and and now the windows do to. Window cleaning was done on the inside and outside of all windows.

Pam M. - Corvallis, OR

This home has an awesome view of the golf course. But the Northwest had deposited a lot of dust and pollen on the glass, and the birds deposited some stuff as well. The windows needed a good cleaning inside and out. Outside we used our carbon fiber poles topped with a hogs hair brush and pure water. Inside was cleaned with good-ole traditional scrubber and squeegee. The windows and deck glass... looked great and their view went back to a 5-star one!

Patty B - Titleist Cir, Corvallis, OR

Pure Water Window Cleaning

Miller Paint Company is a happy client of Beckon Call Window Cleaning.

When we're cleaning windows we're also looking to ensure there are no problem areas around your home. On this home we found one, a vent that had been broken and showed signs a bird had taken up residence. This vent went to an exhaust fan in the master bathroom. As you can see in the photos, the vent was plugged. The video shows the project from start to finish. Expand it to watch.

Michelle L. - Corvallis, OR

Home Window Cleaning

This customer wanted his home washed and the windows cleaned. It's a little hard to see in the first few photos, but the home was covered in light dust, dirt, sooty mold and enough cobwebs to make me start itching. The home was pressure washed. It went from a house that appeared neglected to a beautiful old farm home. After the home was washed, the windows were cleaned inside and out. Really ... making the home look great.

Tom V - Peoria Rd., Albany, OR

Power Washing

Here is a happy client of Beckon Call Window Cleaning.